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Premier League review (round 20)

Premier League

Welcome in the 20th round of Premier League, the best championship in the world!

As always this league league offers everything to make your weekend better and a simple. The big number of goals in every match and their quality shows the high level of football that is played on England.

This round started with the draw between Middlesbrough and Leicester. Now it is clear that the foxes were just lucky last year. Even after some big transfers they returned to their normal place. This match was the first and only in this round of premier league which started and ended with blank nets.

2 hours later it was the time for the bigs to perform. First was Manchester City and Liverpool. Guardiola’s team got a great victory, especially from the way it came. After a big mistake Fernandinho was sent off in only 30 minutes and everything got very difficult for City. However, they didn’t give up and in the second half scored twice getting those golden 3 points.

On the other hand, Liverpool failed to get the 6th victory in a row. The reds got stuck against Sunderland in a match that gave everything a football match should have. Even though with the huge disagreement from the Liverpool’s bench for the refeere’s decisions, this match finished with the final result 2-2.

The evening match was reserved for a real battle. Manchester United was scheduled to travel to Olympic Stadium for some furious 90 minutes against West Ham. The match came out as it was predicted. Tension, red card, goals… Beside from the great performance of cheering from the hosts, the quality overruled and Utd won with a clear result 0-2.

Yesterday, 3 matches took place and of course that the most important meeting was the one betweend Bournemouth and Arsenal.

Mr.4th place entered the field for 3 points, but after the way the match went they should have been thrilled even for that draw. In 60 minutes the hosts were in the incredible advantage of 3 goals. Anyway, Arsenal with the respawned Oliver Giroud scored 3 times in 30 minutes getting an impossible equalizer from their striker in the 93rd. The match finished 3-3 and it was the game with most goals in this round of premier league.

On the other matches Crystal Palace disappointed once again in front of their fans against Swansea. The swans won 1-2 getting their first 3 points in so many matches of losing. Stoke City defeated Watford 2-0 in a match without history.

Today evening the last but not least Tottenham and Chelsea will play in the most interesting game of premier league.

The pressure is on both sides, but the most important thing for both teams in this game is not losing. We will see what is going to happen in the evening…

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