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Bale threats with leaving

Gareth Bale ready for a new adventure

We are only 4 days away from the Uefa Champions League grand final and the air in Madrid is not the best. Gareth Bale topic is again on top of the news from Santiago Bernabéu.

Gareth Bale announced one more time that he is fully fit and ready to play in Cardiff otherwise…

“I am a professional player. I need to play! There is no player who wouldn’t like to play in a final like this. Furthermore, the match is played in the capital of my country. I must play.”

These words are a clear message for Zinedine Zidane. Especially when we are 24 hours away from the transfer window opening. 2 weeks ago our journalists opened the day with a bomb news.

According to some sources near Manchester, both Real Madrid stars (Bale and James) were ready to travel to Old Traford for a new adventure under José Mourinho‘s orders.

There are very few teams in planet that can afford a purchase like this, but unfortunately for Los Blancos Manchester United is one of them. The Reds will play in champions league after a long break and they will surely prepare a winning team.

If we add here even the rejection of the player to sit in the bench and the huge number of options Zidane has, things may proceed much faster than we think.

Must mention that the welsh wind runner has never showed his true skills during the time in Madrid. All the world is concious about his magic and strength. However, due to the curse of injuries he never had the chance.

This is still a very difficult goal for Mourinho. Anyway, if he gets a player like Gareth Bale than we will have a scary United next year. Everything will start on June 3rd. If he doesn’t play, he may change from white to red next season.


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