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Barcelona fails again

Villareal vs Barcelona 1-1

Lionel Messi‘s free kick saved a point for Barcelona yesterday at Estadio de la Cerámica. It was a wonderful goal. However, it didn’t bring happiness to anyone.

Blaugranes are going through a difficult time during this new year start. In the first place they lost against Bilbao in midweek in a very disappointing match. Yesterday they faced another failure against Villareal.

This match has always been difficult to predict since the hosts make a great game in front of their audience. Anyway, Barcelona playing with the biggest football stars of the world can’t use any justification at all.

The first 45 minutes didn’t give anything. Both teams were more interested in not conceding. This is a strange philosophy for the Barcelona we know. On the second half everyone was looking forward to seeing Messi and his friends. start the show, but it didn’t happen.

On the contrary, it Villareal scored with a great counter-attack and Sansone with a magnificent finish put his team in advantage.

After that the guests took the lead, but without any serious danger for the opponent’s goalkeeper. No fast thinking from the midfielders. No creativity from the wings and no goal occassions for Suarez.

Even in a game like that, there is always something to admire at Barca and that name in Messi. Even on a bad night he reminded us why he has won 5 golden balls.

In the 90th he made an absolute ledge. If you give that guy a free kick he will give you a real beauty.

Messi goal vs VillarealMessi goal against Villareal, credits by Sky Sport

What is going wrong with Barcelona?

That absolute miracle can’t hide the fact that something isn’t right with Barcelona. It is easy to point at the problem. The midfield is totally useless. Some years ago Xavi and Iniesta used to take the ball to the box by themselves, now what?

Gomes is almost invisible, Busquets is not in his days and Iniesta can’t do anything by his own. They surely got the best strikers in the world, but if the ball doesn’t get there, they are just some normal players.

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