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BOOM! Cristiano Ronaldo towards China

Cristiano Ronaldo terrific offer from China

Sky Sport opened with a bombastic new today. Portugese striker Cristiano Ronaldo, has had a terrific offer from unnamed chinese club and the numbers are incredible…

It is being talked about a £257m bid and over £85m annual salary that will make Ronaldo travel to Asia without thinking twice.

Cristiano Ronaldo terrific offer from China

One more time his agent Horge Mendes insisted that his best player has the heart and spirit in Bernabeu and nothing will change that.

“Money isn’t everything in life. Cristiano has everything in Madrid and there is nothing that would change that fact.”

 “From China, they’ve offered 300m Euros to Real Madrid and more than 100m per year to the player.”

Anyway, chinsese market is well known for the superb transfers and Ronaldo may be the next one.

Asia has some of the most powerful corps of planet and these last years have shown us that money can change everything, even for Ronaldo. If we turn back and think about the time he was in Old Traford the situation was the same. The player and his manager kept saying that nothing in the world would change that, but here we are 5 years later.

One more thing that would make the best striker in the world change his mind is his success. This may seem a little wierd, but for some players is better to leave when you know that you arrived in the top. This year has been wonderful for him with champions league, world cup, club world cup and finally golden ball.

So many things to list and just one thing is sure, he won’t get there never again. A lot of players decide to leave the stage before they start falling and Ronaldo is well known for his desire to be remembered as the best player of the history.


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