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Referees, right or wrong?

That penalty was fake. He didn’t stop the game when the player was on the ground. Are these referees blind?

Not only simple fans, but even a lot of former officials criticise (Keith Hackett) some of the referees’s decisions.

During this week, a group of guys held a poll around europe about this topic. They got the opinions of different people from the world of football and even from some refeeres who were anonymous.

The results will surprise you. In more than 64.5% of the case, people say that the refeeres’s decisions are wrong. According to their comments, they are not in total control of the game and sometimes fall for the crowd’s pressure.

However, the only good news is that 70% of them even though they criticise the refeeres don’t think they are intentional. Only a little part was under this idea.

Some of them thought that the officials are very determinant, especially in very important matches like Uefa Champions League.

This may be just comments, but they totally show something. People are not happy with the judgement and UEFA should consider some updates for sure.

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