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How to increase your winrate?

Increase your winrate

If you are reading this article, you are possibly someone who is trying to get a positive balance out of “Betting Tips”, but for some reason the desired results are not coming. Personally, I have been gambling on football matches for around 17 years now and during this time I have been able to collect some very important lessons that are helping me grow my winrate week after week.

In this article, we will try to go step by step and help you create a much better gambling routine which will affect not only your account balance, but your overall life.

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Learn how to choose the optimal moment

I really don’t know how many times we will need to emphasize this, “DON’T BET EVERYDAY”. Just because there may be different matches being played 24/7, it doesn’t mean you need to place tickets 24/7. My experience has taught me that the best moment to dedicate some time to this activity is during the weekend. This is the moment when the variety of matches is bigger, fans are more active and players are more concentrated. We have gathered some insights from the lead company of statistics in the gambling industry, Betradar. You will be happy to know that the winrate of the general number of tickets is around 15% highier in the weekend compared to week days.

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Don’t get out of your comfort zone

Before you even get into this “game”, you need to make a full analyze of your financial situation. You don’t have the same passive income as some other guy in the internet and so on. It is very important to set a loss limit, or better said, money that you are comfortable putting into risk. There are a lot of players who get greedy and want to go from zero to hero within a very short time. These guys are so eager to win big that they fall for any kind of scammer in the social media pretending to have “Fixed Matches”, which by the way, DON’T EXIST.

Our advice is different for different levels of income. If you are currently on a tight budget, you should just put very little money in tickets with a lot of matches. The risk will be huge, but at least you are not staking a lot and the reward will be very pleasant (higher winrate). Following the same logic, the more you raise your stake, the less risk should you take upon your shoulders. I will give an example below from which I hope you will receive the message I wanted to send ⬇️

Budget($) Stake ODD
$100 $2 20
$500 $5 7
$1000 $15 3
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All these tips have one common goal, to help you create a stable routine that will increase the overall winrate. Weather you win your first weekend or not, never grow your stake or quit. A couple of tickets won’t decide your overall balance if you follow our stake suggestion. You will need time to gain experience and learn how to get to the point when the results are more steady.

There will be days when you will want to stake more or make higher odd tickets, but DON’T. You should always stick to the rule and give yourself a 3-month period to analyze how the things have gone and weather your balance is positive or negative from the moment you started.

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Limit to one ticket per day

This is another very important tip that most of guys who aren’t cold enough won’t understand at first. I know that bookmarker page and check thousands of matches available, you will want to make tens of tickets. However, statistics tell things a lot different.

Besides from the luck that is a need, you will need a very hard job to make a winning ticket. It is better to just stick to analyzing a few matches for some time rather than spending little seconds for each match. If you focus to just one ticket and combine it with the fact to stake only on weekends, you will see that betting will be transformed into a profitable hobby and not a headache losing activity.

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Take professional advice

A professional and experienced group of tipsters will always come in need when you have doubt about something. Never lose the chance to put your winrate to a new level. If you ever have even the slightest question regarding the field or maybe , feel free to contact us and our team will be there to help you 24/7. Find us in any of the platforms below :

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Increase your knowledge about the sport

This is another crucial point. Football is a very vibrant game being played in the field and outside. The fans, the history, the relationship between different interest groups are all influential in the field along with the players. It’s not just about the result of the last games of a certain team, but what has been their offensive and defensive quality regardless the result. Let me give an example about this current year…Wolverhampton Wanderers are a premier league team (for the ones that have no clue). Their results in the first weeks have been terrible and bookmarkers are increasing their odd match after match. The truth is that whoever who has watched the games, will understand that they are a high rank team and soon the results will come, because the team has the needed quality for big things.

I want to personally thank you for following this article till the end. This was the first of the kind from the moment we decided to step up and make some significant changes in the way approach the needs of our followers. You will see more helping posts in the future, in the “News” section of our blog.

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