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Jude Bellingham: The golden 18-year old

Bellingham debut for Dortmund

There are a big number of english players who are about to become world football stars. Exhibit A is Jude Bellingham.

The midfielder’s steady performances for Borussia Dortmund have made football critics find similarities of him with legends like Frank Lampard and Steven Gerrard.

Bellingham has been given more and more space to get forward recently and he has showed some outstanding plays in Bundesliga and Champions League.

Bellingham started his professional journey in August 2019, when he became part of the history as Birmingham’s youngest player, 16 years 38 days.

Even though he had a considerable number of offers from top clubs like Manchester United or PSG, but he made the decision most of his fellow players didn’t. He chose Dortmund with a lower offer, but more possibility to play…


A £100m midfielder at 18?

Now the midfielder has showed himself to the world, playing with a real elite team like Dortmund and his actions have started some Premier League clubs circling, hoping to bring back to England a player who could become the best in the world a lot faster than anyone thought

Gary Neville said a couple of days ago that if United has decided to replace Pogba anytime soon, Bellingham is the best for that position. “He is a top quality player and if the team wants him, it should go after him as soon as possible. The more time goes by, the more his price goes through the roof.”

His tag is getting to the point that only the mega rich teams can afford to even bid an offer for Bellingham. For now, we know that in the list there is Manchester City, PSG or even the new money giants in the market, Newcastle.

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