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Juventus 3 Bologna 0

Juventus vs Bologna 3-0

They are absolutelly the leaders of italian football for the last couple of years. We are talking about Juventus.

The old lady keeps winning match after match in seria A, not to mention the cup as well. It seems like there is no stop for them. The next victim was Bologna.

Until now, no team has made it to stand the fury of Juventus Stadium.

This was a game without history. Higuain got the first net in the 7th minute with a real beauty. The argentinian striker has had a very complicated week with all the rumors about the sexual harassment and everything. This was his his answer to the critics.

From the moment of the first goal there was only one team in the field. Allegri’s guys were in total control. Anyway, i bolognesi tried to attack from time to time, but without results.

Juventus vs Bologna statistics

Few minutes before the break it was Dybala with a penalty. He walked into his fellow Argentinian steps and scored an easy goal. 2-0 and this match was scheduled to end like all others, with Juventus’s victory.

With the beginning of the second half nothing changed. In addition, Higuain scored one more time to permanently seal this match. He scored with a close-range header leaving to time to act to the goalkeeper. The score changed to 3:0.

Allegri was happy with that and decided to make all his substitution directly. After the match he said:

“It was complicated match, but our players interpreted it on the best way. It is clear that we have been and will be the leaders of seria A.”

Direct words for the opoonents. At via Agnelli are sure, Juventus will win the title again.

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