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Juventus, a domination history

Juventus, a domination history

They are with no doubt the strongest team in Serie A. Juventus is a very famous name in italian football.

Since Agnelli family took over the club, they have won so many trophies.

However, a few years ago due to the Calciopoli scandal, they relegated to Serie B for the first time in its history. This was one of the worst days of this club.

Anyway, they did what no one else could. In only 2 years I bianconeri got back to Serie A. They immidiently started their domination streak.

6 years after, Juventus is still on top of the league with absolutely no competitors. The Old lady may be old, but for sure is not a lady with it’s opponents.

They play in the same tournament with glorious teams like Milan, Inter and Roma. However, Juventus has easily dominated everything in Italy.

 In just a few years they have “officially” pulled away from the market the Serie A title.

Juventus doesn’t put the 1st place at risk in any moment. Since the beginning of the season they made an impressive winning streak declaring their first and only bid for the title again.

Half of the footabll season in Italy has passed, but the first place remains untouched. Allegri’s team with a great young leader like Paulo Dybala is on top of Serie A ready to win the title over and over again.

They are the most important team in Italy and not only because they dominate the league. Juventus is the only team which represents the italian football in europe.

After the glorious moment in 2006 when azzurri won the world cup title surprising the whole world things in italian football didn’t follow this success.

Expect from 2010 when José Mourinho built an unbreakable Inter which won everything… The rest is a big nothing for Italy.

Italian teams got hit very bad from the financial fair play and for a long time they haven’t made any big transfers like the old good times.

Juventus is the only squad which keeps buying expensive players competing with the biggest teams in europe. In summer they made one of the biggest transfers in europe. They departed Gonzalo Higuaín from Napoli for the crazy fee of €90m

No one can denie that Juventus is one of the most important teams in planet right now. We surely hope that the only italian team will continue their glory not only in italy, but even in the football abroad the boundaries.





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