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Oscar arrives in China

Oscar transferred to China

Oscar arrived in Shanghai this morning as mabye the biggest transfer of this transfermarkt. The brasilian moved to the giants of China for the crazy fee of £60m, almost double of what Chelsea paid for him 3 years ago.

The 25-year old midfielder signed a four-year deal from which the player will earn £500,000 a week. The brasilian was seen very happy in front of the cameras. “I am always ready for a new experience and can’t wait to meet my ex-coach Andre Villas-Boas.”

Oscar was greeted by thousands of excited fans at the airport today, all eager to see him and with the big desire to catch the first photo of the brasilian star.

Oscar is the second big transfer of the chinese team during this transfermarkt after the join of Carlos Tevez from Argentina.

Why Oscar moved to China?

The chinese market is has joined the football world with huge fury and they are transferring big players from all the big european clubs. According to his manager, Oscar was bought not only for his great football skills, but for his big advertising impact. “Asia has almost half of the world’s population and this market has been like an undiscovered paradise for the big businessmans.

“When money is not an issue, marketing becomes much easier.” These words describe perfectly all the situation of the most beautiful sport in the world. Money controls everything nowadays and of course that football would be caught too.


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