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Real Madrid 3-0 Sevilla, James Rodriguez scores twice

Rodriguez curls for the first goal of the match

Real Madrid has always been very competitive when it came to “Copa Del Rey”. Anyway this dedication got even bigger after the fatal disqualification last year due to braking the rules.

This year they were scheduled to play against a very difficult opponent like Sevilla. This game has always been tough for Los Blancos especially when players like Ronaldo, Bale and Benzema are missing.

Even after the big polemics during the past week, Zidane decided to start with James Rodriguez. A great opportunity for the columbian striker to prove his skills one more time.

Big players are shown in big matches.” This expression came to life for Rodriguez, which took absolute profit from the minutes he was given and gave a fantastic performance yesterday.

BBC were missing, but still Madrid proved to be much superior than Sevilla. In only 45 minutes James Rodriguez scored twice and the hosts scored 3 goals in total. A complete domination from Zidane’s starting lineup which didn’t put the victory at doubt in any moment.

Only 10 minutes from the start, after a great ball recovered from Modric, it was Rodriguez with a great curl who put his team in advantage.

Rodriguez curls for the first goal of the match

Minutes later, it was the defender Raphael Varane with a winning header who doubled the score and almost sealed this game.

Seconds before the final whistle of the first part, it was once again James Rodriguez from a penalty kick. With a champion’s tranquility he defeated the keeper for the 3rd time in 45 minutes.

Very easy game for Real Madrid which is almost on the next round, even though anything can happen…

These weeks will be decisive for the 11 times winners of UCL. Real will face difficult challanges in the cup, championship and of course champions league. As Zidane said after the match:

We are Real Madrid and we always play for every competition and everything that can be won. This is a very important period, but we feel that at the end we will champions.”

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