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Roma 1-2 Napoli

Roma 1-2 Napoli

I Giallorossi got humiliated in front of the fans in Stadio Olimpico for the second time in a week.That is surely a lot to take for the fans.

Roma had a very difficult challange during this week. Firstly they played against Lazio for coppa italia.

 Even though with a full squad, Luciano Spalletti‘s guys lost the local derby with the clear result 2-0. A very painful loss. And it gets harder when it comes against your historical enemy.

The schedule is very busy and there is not time to reflect. A couple of days after and they played one more time in front of the fans. This was a great opportunity to show that the midweek match was a coincidence.

The opponent was Napoli. Mabye it wasn’t a derby, but the importance of this match was the same with the derby. Both teams are following Juventus and “fighting” for a place in UCL next season.

I Ciucciarelli were surprisingly better than the hosts. They made a great game and it rewarded them in the 26th minute. Dries Mertens scored with a cleaver touch and 0-1. It was time for Roma to make something, but nothing changed. Napoli continued to attack and made some dangerous attack.

5 minutes after the second period started, it was Mertens once again. Lorenzo Insigne made a fantastic assist and the belgian had it very easy to score his second.

No changes in the game and in order to see a goal from Roma, the fans waited for the last minute of the game. Kevin Strootman got a goal that was more important to him than the squad.

The final result was 1-2 and Roma is now only 2 points above Napoli in the standings table. Very bad situation for the capitals. A week ago they were racing for Serie A and Coppa Italia, while today they may be off in both of them.

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