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Simeone era coming to an end

Simeone era

Atletico Madrid had some very impressive years under orders of Simeone. Even though there weren’t a lot of titles to celebrate, the fans are surely proud of El Cholo.

Simeone Era

Diego Simeone has managed La Liga side Atletico Madrid since 2011. He brought a great philosophy in the team. The results were great. Great enough that they made what at first seemed impossible, Atletico played with dignity against the spanish giants of Real Madrid and Barcelona.

He even won a LaLiga title which was the biggest surprise that year. Atletico totally dominated the league, but no one believed that they could make it till the end. And LaLiga title wasn’t the only one. During his years he won UEFA Europa League, UEFA Super Cup, Copa del Rey, Supercopa de Espana.

However, every good thing comes to an end. It isn’t official, but Simeone didn’t denie the desire to start a new adventure.

I have no problem with my son Giovanni saying I will someday be boss of Inter Milan… because I will be”

When the expectations are higher, the pressure is even higher. This year was considered as a failure at Vicente Calderón. They were great, but somehow they always eclipsed when playing in the Madrid derby in Uefa Champions League. The argentinian coach even reminded Guardiola history with Barcelona.

“Sometimes you need to move for a new thing. Things change and than people change.” 

It is clear that this may be the last year for Simeone in Madrid. Anyway, will Milano be his next destination?

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