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Southampton – Tottenham, Spurs get the golden points

Southampton vs Tottenham 1-4

Harry Kane’s missed penalty luckily didn’t effect Tottenham which crushed Southampton in a very difficult match.

Tottenham had had some bad matches which left them behind the leaders of Chelsea or other followers like Liverpool, but they have always been there as strong competitors. They proved this one more time yesterday when they won against Southampton in a very strong field.

Match Summary

Southampton vs Tottenham match summary

Man of the match, Dele Alli scored twice for his team and made an extraordinary game last night. The match started very bad for the guests which found themselves in disadvantage only 2 minutes after the start. Virgil found the way to beat the goalkeeper and 1-0 when game hadn’t even started for Tottenham.

However it was Dele Alli with his great scoring skills who brought his team back in game with a real beauty. After that, on the first half both teams were more interested in not conceding.

With the beginning of the second half, things changed. Tottenham joined the field hungry for 3 points, while Southampton seemed to be happy with a draw. Harry Kane scored the second goal for his team in the 58th and gave his team the advantage for the first time in this match. After that, 5 minutes later he was given another great opportunity to close the match. But the english striker missed a penalty kick sending the ball far away.

Harry Kane terrible penalty miss

Once again the visitors didn’t take profit from their opponent’s bad moment. Furthermore they conceded 2 more goals from Son Heung-Min and one more time Dele Alli. Before that the hosts were down to 10 players after a red card which practically sealed the fate of this match.

As impressive and important victory was for Tottenham, but a loss that hurts for Southampton. A defence that has been so fierce was breached four times and it could have been even six or more…with Spurs also striking the cross-bar as well as missing the penalty and other chances. Yes, they will point to Redmond’s red card but it was not the game-changer. Spurs, finally feeling more like the Spurs of last season, were already dominant and able to score more whatever the head-count.

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