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Sunderland 2 Liverpool 2

Sunderland vs Liverpool 2-2

This afternoon took place round 20 of EPL and all eyes were focused at the big teams, like Liverpool and Manchesters.

Both United and City got their respective 3 points, while Liverpool had a total different history…

Kopp’s boys had a very difficult challange against Sunderland which as always can be hard to break especially in front of their full house audience.

The reds started with a lot of missing players, but anyway they were absolutelly favourites to win this match. In the 19th minute, after the great goal from Daniel Sturridge the fate of this game seemed to be sealed.

However, a penalty from the usual Jermain Defoe brought back the balance in the game.

From that moment Liverpool was all out of attack. The reds created a lot of goal occassions, but the goal came from Sadio Mané only in 72nd with a very clear move from the player.

The goal brought great enthusiasm on the guests’s side, but the final word hadn’t been spoken yet. Once again was Defoe with another penalty who decided the final result     2-2.

Sunderland  vs  Liverpool 2-2

Furious Jurgen Klopp who didn’t agree at all with the second awarded penalty. The game was transferred at the Liverpool’s bench which was totally against the refeere’s decision.

The only thing Klopp did before he left the Stadium of Light was to apologise.

I am really sorry for what at the end today. I have to apologise for my mood which was totally unacceptable. Anyway, I strongly feel that  in the general course of things one rarely gets all the penalties one deserves, let alone two in one game.”

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