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BIG summer transfers

Biggest Transfers

The summer is finally over. Most of the big teams have made some amazing transfers, some of them even entered the history. It is difficult to say which is the best signing of which team.

Our team prepared a list with the official transfers from Transfermarkt official source.

9Rodri (Atletico Madrid to Manchester City) “€70million”                                          

Rodri made a terrific performance last season with Atletico. Pep Guardiola noticed it immediately. He was the first signing of City for this summer.

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8-Frenkie De Jong (Ajax to Barcelona) “€75million”                              

The Dutch midfielder was one of the key players for the amazing achievement of Ajax in champions league. Barcelona is very fond of players with extra creative skills and he will surely become a very important player in that team.

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7-Nicolas Pèpè (Lille to Arsenal) “€80million”                                                        

The right-winger of Lille is one of the so many transfers of Arsenal during this summer. This is the most expensive signing in the history of the Gooners.

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6-Matthijs de Ligt (Ajax to Juventus) “€85.5million”                                          

Absolutelly one of the top reasons why Ajax made it to the champions league semi-finals. The youngster Dutch proved to be an amazing captain. However, he has to show himself in a more difficult competition, Serie A.

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5-Harry Maguire (Leicester to Manchester United) “€87million”

Maguire had never played for big teams before, but it still has a pretty voluminous curriculum. He won the title with Leicester which was a real life cinderella story. An active defender who scores so many goals would for sure be under the eye of a coach like Jose Mourinho. Let’s see how useful he will be for United.

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4-Philippe Coutinho (Barcelona to Bayern Munich) “€90million”                                            

The egyptian rocket has been in the middle of rumors during the whole year. Jürgen Klopp didn’t waste a minute and signed Salah in the first days of transfermarkt.

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3-Eden Hazard (Chelsea to Real Madrid) “€100million”                                  

Chelsea did everything possible to keep Hazard in the team during all these years, but it couldn’t last any longer. The no.10 of Belgium had expressed his desire to play for Real Madrid one day and he finally got it. Not a good start by the way!

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2- Antoine Griezmann (Atletico Madrid to Barcelona) “€120million

The french star has been on fire during this year. Top scorer for Atl.Madrid, world cup winner and now a super transfer to his former team rival. Let’s see how good he will adapt to Barcelona’s game.

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1- João Felix (Benfica to Atletico Madrid) “€126million

And the first place as the most expensive transfer goes to the 19-year old second striker João Felix. This price caused so many argues among football analysts. Atletico had never spent this kind of price for a player and especially from Benfica.

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